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About Mark Vincent - Certified Slot Technician

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. Unfortunately I can't go into specifics because I still work for a US Casino and, if my casino knew I was Mark Vincent, I might lose my job and be forced to forfeit this website. While the information I have isn't strictly industry secret type stuff, it still works against the casinos.

In any case, I've been working for my current company since 2006, but this is the third company I've worked for since I began working in casinos in 1999. I started out as a Cage Cashier, actually, while I was working my way through college. I graduated from DeVry University in 2003 with a degree in Computer Information Systems, which has helped me immensely in both getting my job as a technician, and for initially developing my website, Currently I hand off my web development to a good friend of mine to take care of for me, since he's much better at this stuff than I am, and it allows me to focus on my writing and video production, as well as my job as a technician.

After I graduated I found a job at another casino company as a slot technician, and was trained on the job by some of the best slot technicians in the country (in my own opinion anyway). I've always been the type of person who is ravenous for knowledge, so I began to absorb as much information as I could about the slot machines I was in now in charge of. This included talking to all the technicians I worked with as well as talking to industry technicians for IGT, Bally, Aristocrat, and just about any other company I could get to talk my ear off. Through all of this I began to learn exactly how slot machines work, and I've always been lucky enough to be a fast learner. So fast, in fact, that I was considered for Lead Technician at my casino after only two years of employment as a technician. I was beat out for the position by someone with five times my experience because management just couldn't justify promoting someone with only two years under their belt. So, I did the only thing I could do... I learned more.

Eventually I moved to another casino company as a Lead Technician, and that's the position I've been in ever since. That was in 2006, and I've done some extensive travelling due to the size of my new company. They have casino operations all over the country, so I've been able to visit lots of places and meet technicians from all over. It's also lent me a unique perspective to the culture of casinos and gambling in the US. I love my job, and I love my career. Casinos are exciting and fun, and have some of the greatest people in the country both working in them and playing in them. I learned so much as a technician that I began to wonder what it must be like for a regualr casino slot player.

I began to play the games like a regular slot player and try to understand what was going on from their perspective. I began to look around at slot players and see how they played, and note to myself what they could do to increase their odds. The more I watched, the more I began to realize that almost all slot players play incorrectly. This was reinforced by slot players I got to know personally and talked to. I was consitently asked questions by players who were curious about slots, but some of those questions were really off the wall. As time went on, I began to wonder where these questions and misconceptions were coming from. I was shocked when I found out.

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So, I began to write. I realized that what I had was unique, and that it might actually be worth something to slot players. When I asked around to players in my own casino if they would buy a book written by a slot technician, the emphatic answer was YES! At least that way they'd know they were getting the truth. At first I just wrote about slot myths and how slots worked, but as time went on I added some of my own personal analysis and information on how to make sure you're getting the best odds possible no matter what game you play. I began to talk to the slot management and learned why they set the floor up like they do, because someday I want to be a slot manager myself. This information is also useful to players, incredibly useful, so I put it in the book too. Soon the book was up over 100 pages.

Since then I've also written technician manuals for my casino and training documents for the incoming technicians. I've had articles published in the casino newsletter and have written several webpages. I've created Tech4Truth, and all the videos you see on this site. I've also become a writer for Demand Studios, and am a contributing writer for both and See some of my articles:

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I'm lucky enough to be able to do what I enjoy for work, both being a slot technician and writing. I'm also lucky enough to know that I've helped tens of thousands of slot players increase their odds and have a better time at the casino. I'd say that's a pretty significant accomplishment... and I hope I'm just getting started.
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