Slot Technician teaches you how slots work

Win at Slot Machines? Beat the Casinos? Insider Slot Secrets?

Not Likely. Learn Why Slot Machines Take Your Money, Why Slot Systems Don't Work, and What Does Work.

Learn How to Win at Slots from a Real Slot Technician, and Learn the Truth the online Slot Guides and Systems Won't Tell You.

My name is Mark Vincent, and I'm a certified slot technician. Read a brief biography and learn more about me.

For years I've been trying to teach people how slot machines work and why slot systems and methods are all a complete waste of your money. is here in order to show you exactly why all the so called guaranteed slot systems and methods are nothing but lies and scams. Here you'll learn exactly how a slot machine works, and what to look out for.

I'm creating a series of videos to teach people just how slots work, and why systems and scams can't work. It will also provide some playing tips and information on how to squeeze the best odds possible out of the slot machines. Be sure to watch the videos, and check out my YouTube channel and subscribe!

Episode 1 - Step Right Up! is online. Watch It Now!

Episode 2 - The Basics is now online. Watch It Now!

Episode 3 - The Big Payback is now online! Watch It Now!

Episode 4 - The Spice of Life is now online! Watch It Now!

Episode 5 - Becoming a 5 Card STUD is now online! Watch It Now!

Play Video Poker Online for Free! As seen in Episode 5, one of the best ways to get better at Video Poker is to practice. You can now do that right here for free, as much as you like. Enjoy, and best of luck!

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Many may ask why I'm even bothering to write this site. Well, honestly, part of the reason is to drum up business for my book, EGDSecrets: Reel Truth, Right From the Source, where you'll find all manner of tips and information on how to make you a better slot player. One of the things that I pride myself on is my honesty, and I'll not lie to you in order to make a sale. I'm hoping that you'll see the value of my information and give my book a look. The other part is that I'm tired of seeing good honest slot players get scammed for hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of dollars. There are an untold number of slot methods and systems out there that promise you the moon and stars, but deliver only lies and junk strategy. Hopefully after you're done reading this site you'll understand just why they're such a scam, and you'll be able to avoid wasting your money.

As technology has grown, so too has the technology of the ever present scam artist. Even now there are more and more videos being posted on YouTube telling people how slot machines can be beaten in order to make money. A few years ago, when I started my book, there were many slot systems advertised on Google and the market was pretty tough. Since I came into the picture, however, most of those scam systems have fallen off the Google paid listings. See for yourself. If you're from the US or Canada, you should see my ad on there and maybe one or two other guys. Years ago there were dozens. What happend to them all? They can't compete with the truth.

Hopefully my Tech4Truth videos on YouTube and this site help to clean up YouTube and other internet media the same way. I'm hoping to be the voice of truth that puts all the scammers out of business because I'm tired of them taking your money. I'm lucky enough to know how slot machines work, so there's no way that I would fall for such a scam. Why should the everyday slot player not have the same luxury of being able to avoid scams and know the truth? That's what Tech4Truth is all about.

As time goes on I plan to review slot systems and take a hard look at anyone who says they can win all the time. I also plan to release a series of YouTube videos showing how slot machines work, and how to avoid the scams. Stay Tuned.

See my reviews of slot systems I've actually purchased HERE. Want me to review a slot system, let me know!

Note: At this time I will NOT be reviewing the "Slot Sniper" system. The SlotSniper is the absolute best example of a cheating scammer I've ever seen. Charging $195 for any kind of information is incredible, and charging that much for what he sells is reprehensible. It's no small wonder he's out of business, and don't let his little 'It was too popular' bit fool you. He's out of business because he couldn't handle all the chargebacks he was getting from the credit card companies.
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